Fortburn has a dedicated team of experienced aircraft technicians performing the installation of strain gauges to complex structures. Since 1994, Fortburn has performed over 5000 commercial strain gauge installation services over a wide variety of structures including aircraft, marine, rail, automotive, civil engineering structures and commercial machinery.

Over the past 15 years, Fortburn’s partnership with Vishay Measurements Group (USA) has earned Fortburn the title of “Vishay’s recommended source for custom strain gauge installations for all of Australia.”

Fortburn specialises in gauge selection, specimen preparation, bonding, and gauge preparation to cover all environments and materials, including composites.

Large scale fatigue testing installations for the Defence Science and Technology Organisation include the Hawk Full Scale Fatigue Test, F-111 Wing Tests, P3-C Orion fatigue test, and several tests on the FA-18.

Strain survey installations for the Royal Australian Air Force include the Internal Loads Model F111 Aircraft A8/144 in which Fortburn was responsible for the installation and data acquisition of 700 strain gauges, measured during the aircraft’s cold proof load test.

Other projects include the Service Life Extension Project on a Blackhawk helicopter at Townsville with the installation of 280 strain gauges for flight trials.

Recent commercial installations include the strain gauging of the 787 Dreamliner flap for Boeing.


Fortburn is a certified strain gauge supplier of all Vishay Measurements Group (USA) products.

Fortburn’s vast knowledge of field and laboratory applications puts us at the forefront of the industry. Partnering with Vishay has allowed for the continued exchange of strain gauge usage knowledge, which is then passed on to our customers.

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Fortburn has provided strain gauge installation services for a wide range of organisations, including the Royal Australian Air Force, Boeing, Airbus, Qantas. Some of Fortburn’s specific projects include:

  • Boeing 787
  • Airbus A330
  • Royal Australian Air Force KC 30A Refueler
  • Sikorsky HH60 Blackhawk

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Fortburn has provided strain gauge installation and monitoring services throughout Victoria and across all of Australia. Past projects include:

  • West Gate Bridge, Melbourne, VIC
  • Swan Street Bridge, Melbourne, VIC
  • City Link – Overpass, Melbourne, VIC
  • Burnley Tunnel, Melbourne, VIC

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Fortburn has delivered a multitude of strain gauging and instrumented monitoring services to many prominent organisations throughout Australia and Singapore. Fortburn has worked continuously with the Royal Australian Navy and other top marine entities. Specific jobs include:

  • Armidale Class Patrol Boats
  • Trelleborg Marine Systems
  • ANZAC Frigates

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Fortburn has been involved in numerous automotive projects with top car manufacturers. Some of Fortburn’s past static, dynamic, and high-temperature testing projects have been completed with such clients as:

  • Rheinmetall Defence
  • Supacat
  • Ford
  • Toyota
  • Holden

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